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There are a few strategies CNA graduates should consider to achieve $100k per year:

1. Gain Experience and Specialize: Seek opportunities to gain experience in specialized areas of nursing care that may offer higher pay rates. For example, becoming certified in areas such as geriatrics, critical care, or hospice care could open up higher-paying positions.

2. Work in High-Paying Locations: Research areas where CNAs are in high demand and where wages are higher due to factors like cost of living or shortages of healthcare workers.

3. Consider Non-Traditional Settings: Explore opportunities to work in non-traditional healthcare settings such as home health care, rehabilitation centers, or private practices, where salaries may be higher than in traditional nursing homes or hospitals.

3. Negotiate Your Pay: As a CNA with experience, negotiate your salary based on your experience, skills, and the demand for CNAs in the area in the private sector. Some employers may be willing to offer higher salaries to attract and retain qualified candidates.

4. Continuously Update Your Skills: Stay updated on the latest developments in healthcare and nursing practices to make yourself more valuable to employers, which could lead to higher-paying opportunities.

5. Self-employment: Start your own private care business and enjoy the complete freedom and control over time management, business growth, and service rates

6. Advance to an LPN and become an instructor. Did you know that you could become a CNA teacher/instructor? The only requirement is that you complete your training as an LPN.

How long is CNA school?

As short as 4 weeks on an accelerated plan and as long as 12 weeks on the extended plan. Clinical and theoretical learning and practice is required to earn CNA certification in the state of Georgia.

What are the requirements for CNA school?

  • Be at least 16 years of age.

  • High school diploma or a GED


Must complete a minimum of 85 hours, with at least 24 being hands-on experience in a nursing home. After completion, you must take the Georgia CNA test.

One Breath CNA, Athens, Ga

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